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      Interview with Glenn Hughes

      Down The Front Podcast recently had a chat with Glenn Hughes
      to talk about his upcoming World Tour performing classic Deep Purple,
      his love of Scotland and Ritchie Blackmore asking him to join the current Rainbow lineup.

      This interview was originally aired as part of Episode #85 of
      Down The Front Podcast (17th August 2018).


      Glenn Hughes Live Interview
      at Cafe de Paris 25th February 2017

      Glenn Hughes undertook a small series of speaking events in 2017
      with his friend and radio personality, Nicky Horne.
      This was the first of the events in London in February 2017.
      Glenn Hughes covers his time with Deep Purple, Trapeze and BCC.


      Glenn Hughes Interview with Pods & Sods, September 2016

      Glenn Hughes joins Eric in conversation.
      We talk about his early days discovering music,
      memories of first joining and winding down with Deep Purple,
      with close relationship with David Coverdale,
      his branching out as a solo artist, what he remembers from the 80s,
      any regrets, about rejoining with Black Country Communion
      for a new album in 2017, his new album,
      his journey, his redemeption, peace and love and music...


      Totally Driven Radio
      November 2016 Glenn Hughes interview Resonate

      Totally Driven Radio, the weekly radio podcast
      on the Totally Driven Entertainment Radio Network,
      hosted by Bay Ragni and Jimmy Jannetty
      covers the world of sports and entertainment each week,
      as well as bringing you celebrity guests interviews,
      This week we talked to the Legendary Glenn Hughes.

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