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      Ians neustes Interview, oder die Geschichte von "Don't hold me back".

      Ian Gillan’s career away from Deep Purple has provided him with a chance to explore different parts of his songwriting craft. Specifically, as he tells Radiorock 106.6, the songs he wrote alone gave him a chance to delve into far more personal areas.

      “One of the favorite songs in my entire career, in my Top 5 solo along with ‘Child in Time’ and one or two others, is a song called ‘Don’t Hold Me Back,'” Ian Gillan says. “It was about my wife and her heart operation, you know? She was in hospital at the time, and ‘we’re breaking into your open heart.’ It’s a pure love song, and I couldn’t have done that one a Deep Purple record at that time. I don’t think I’d have been able to impose my personal passion so much into a Deep Purple song. And there are other things, political things, that maybe I could do on my own records, but I would never do on a Deep Purple record. I’d find something a little more acceptable, if you like.”

      Gillan’s first stint in Deep Purple lasted from 1970’s Deep Purple in Rock through 1973’s Who Do We Think We Are. He then released a series of solo projects between 1976’s Child in Time with the Ian Gillan Band through 1982’s Magic, with a band simply called Gillan.

      Ian Gillan rejoined Deep Purple thereafter, taking part in eight studio projects between 1984’s Perfect Strangers and 2013’s UK Top 20 release Now What?! Three more solo projects followed, beginning with 1988’s Accidentally on Purpose — recorded with Deep Purple bandmate Roger Glover. “Don’t Hold Me Back” was part of 1991’s Toolbox, Ian Gillan’s most recent album away from his main band.
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      Three more solo projects followed, beginning with 1988’s Accidentally on Purpose — recorded with Deep Purple bandmate Roger Glover. “Don’t Hold Me Back” was part of 1991’s Toolbox, Ian Gillan’s most recent album away from his main band.

      Nicht sonderlich gut recherchiert, oder? :D
      Be what you are, I tell myself
      And myself tells me we can't be anybody else
      Was wollen die Journalisten schon fragen. Wenn man so lange im Geschäft ist, dann wurde das Meiste wohl schon gesagt.
      Ich finde immer interessant , dass die Kollegen einfach ihr Ding machen weil es Spass macht und sich nicht von jedem Mist beeinflussen lassen.
      In die ganze Aktion wird meines Erachtens viel zu viel hineininterprätiert.
      Gruss Hans-Jürgen

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      Man darf gespannt sein:…ng-rock-hard-vol-337.html

      Mit DEEP PURPLE-Sänger Ian Gillan treffen wir uns zu einem Interview der ganz besonderen Sorte.

      So hieß es in der Vorankündigung. Ich habe mir das Heft gestern angesehen. Also, was an dem Interview besonders sein soll... ?(

      Es ist ein ganz normales Interview, das während der RMC Tour geführt wurde. Und davon gibt es etliche, aktuellere und bessere.
      Das Heft blieb daher denn auch beim Händler.
      keep the freak flag flying!

      Gillan Interviews

      Auf Ian's Facebookseite wurde eine Reihe von Interviews mit Personen die "close to IG" sind angekündigt, hier das erste Interview
      Q: What is your name?

      My name is Ara Tadevosyan, I am from Armenia.

      Q: What is your profession?

      I am journalist, Director of Mediamax media company.

      Q: What is your connection with Ian?

      It’s hard to provide an accurate definition of the connection. I think I can call Ian a friend. But I have to tell you that sometimes I still can’t believe my eyes when I am receiving an e-mail from Ian Gillan :)

      Q: What are you/have you been doing for him?

      Q: How did you come to work for/with him? Were you asked or did you ask?

      Ian Gillan was one of the key figures of Rock Aid Armenia project that Jon Dee organized in 1989 to raise funds for Armenia that was hit by devastating Spitak earthquake in 1988. In 1990 Ian Gillan did his famous Soviet tour and he played 4 shows in Yerevan. I was 14 and I was a big fan of Deep Purple and Ian. I attended 2 shows – the 1stand the 4th ones. During the last show I was very close to the stage and Ian shook my hand! After the show we were waiting for him backstage for several hours but there was no chance to meet him…

      In January 2009 I have suddenly realized that it is the 20th anniversary of Rock Aid Armenia project and I decided that Mediamax will do a gratitude project to thank all the organizers and rock-stars that were involved in the project.

      It was a very ambitious idea as we never dealt with rock-starts before and never organized such big events. But from the very beginning I believed that it will be possible to bring Ian Gillan to Armenia after 19 years. I was lucky enough to find Jon Dee - the organizer of Rock Aid Armenia, who moved to Australia in 1990s. It was unbelievable, but Jon told me that he wanted to do a remix of Rock Aid Armenia’s Smoke on the Water and to raise funds for Armenia again. So, we decided to do a joint project “Armenia Grateful 2 Rock”. And today Jon is one of my best friends.

      Jon contacted Ian Gillan’s manager Phil Banfield and presented the idea. Before that I presented the project to Armenian authorities and they decided to award the rock-stars with the Armenian Order of Honor. Phil talked to Ian and it appeared that he is happy to visit Armenia! After that Jon talked to Tony Iommi’s manager Ralph Baker and he also confirmed that Tony is willing to come to Armenia.

      On October 1, 2009, Ian Gillan, Tony Iommi, Geoff Downes (Yes, Asia), Pat Cash (tennis star, Wimbledon champion) and Jon Dee arrived to Armenia. We took them to Gyumri – Armenia’s second largest city that was greatly affected by the 1988 earthquake. “Octet” music school in Gyumri was destroyed during the earthquake and it was never rebuilt – kids and teachers were doing their classes in the iron barracks. Kids did a special concert for the guests and Ian and Tony decided they will help to rebuild the school…

      In March 2010 Mediamax and Jon’s organization – Do Something! – organized two charity concerts of Ian Gillan and Armenian State Philharmonic Orchestra in Yerevan. Then Ian and Tony formed the “WhoCares” supergroup and I attended the recording of “Out of My Mind” track in London in October 2010. So, we did a number a fundraising things together with Ian, Tony and Jon and finally the Mardigian Family Foundation that was invited by our partner – Fund of Armenian Relief – decided to triple the collected funds. Thanks to that we started the construction of the new school building in August 2012 and in September 2013 Ian Gillan and Jon Dee attended the opening ceremony of the new “Octet” school in Gyumri!

      I can tell you honestly that I never ever dreamed of being involved in something like this and having my humble“input” in new Gillan-Iommi music cooperation. This is still like a miracle for me!

      Q: What was your first impression of Ian?

      As you may imagine, I was very nervous waiting for Ian in the Yerevan airport for the first time in 2009. I was going to meet a superstar and I had absolutely no idea – how should I behave myself. But all that disappeared when I approached him and talked to him. I saw a very kind and simple man. When we were already in the car going to the hotel I have asked about a small change in our tomorrow’s program and Ian said: “Look, you are the boss now – you tell uswhat to do”. Of course, I was shockedJ

      Q: Did this change over the time you have been working for/with him?

      Q: How much time are you/have you been working for/with Ian?

      During this almost 6 years that I know Ian, I continue to wonder how it is possible to be so great and so simple a personality at the same time.

      Q: How is Ian to work for/with?

      I can say for sure that working with Ian is a great pleasure. He is a fantastic professional. He is incredibly punctual. If you ask Ian to be at the hotel lobby at 11:00, you can be absolutely sure that you will find him there at 10:58. And he is ready to meet every reasonable request.

      Q: How would you say is Ian as a person? Q: What would you say makes Ian special as a performer?

      I think I have already described Ian as a person. I don’t think that anybody can say what makes him special as a performer as I don’t think that anybody can explain why some people are great and the others are not. For me Ian Gillan is an example of amazing mix of talent and hard-working.

      Q: Can you tell a funny story or two? Q: Have you had some memorable moments with Ian?

      During Ian’s visit to Armenia in October 2009, we have gathered at a restaurant for a farewell party. Ian was drinking wine that day and when we have raised the next toast, one of my friends, who was drinking vodka, approached Ian to clink his shot glass with Ian’s wine glass. And Ian thoughthe was suggesting him a vodka shot, so he quietly took my friend’s shot glass instead of clinking, drank the vodka, returned the shot glass and said “thank you” to my amazed friend.
      Viele Grüsse, Jonas 8)