Nachrichten aus dem Studio

      Nachrichten aus dem Studio

      Steve hat auf seiner Seite ein paar Neuigkeiten aus dem Studio und zu seiner bevorstehenden G3 Tour gepostet:

      Hi, everybody. I'm in Nashville with Deep Purple. We've been all over the place with this album project, writing, writing, rehearsing, changing............finally, we're working with Bob Ezrin, our producer. There were some scheduling delays, but finally everybody is in the same room making the final changes to the material. Lots and lots of great stuff, in fact, too much to put on the album, I We'll be working here until the moment I leave for G3, and they'll go on with keyboards, bass and vocal overdubs. Somehow, I will get in synch with Bob to finish or redo any solos or overdubs on my end.

      The G3 tour is almost here! Luckily, thanks to Dave (LaRue), we got in some rehearsal just before I left a couple of weeks ago. It has been interesting to have such a professional organization take us in and treat us as part of the tour, instead of expecting us to figure everything out on our own. My manager, Frank (Solomon) has a great relationship with the other managers, so everything has gone so easily. Somehow, Tommy (Alderson), was able to get a break from some guitar playing gigs in order to help me do this tour with all of his setup expertise and patience.

      I've always wanted to do the G3 tour. One of the biggest perks for me is just getting to know Joe, Steve, and John better by touring together. Playing wise, there's so much great stuff going on that I can't really catch it all, but I really like the chance to see how outstanding people handle everyday things. For instance, does a guitar virtuoso freak out when the rooms aren't available after driving all night in a bus, or do they anticipate it in advance and have an alternate plan? Do they really practice every day? Etc.....I've seen, so far, that people like them generally treat others well, plan in advance, are well prepared, and patient enough to get past problems. Those are also some of the building blocks to becoming great at anything.

      I will see some of you very soon on tour. Thanks for the support!
      Steve Morse

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