Bernie Marsden

      Ein wunderschöner Song. Er stammt meines Wissens aus der Frühphase von Fleetwood Mac. Ich würde mir wünschen, dass Peter Green die Gitarre auch heute noch so gut bedienen könnte, wie Bernie es hier zeigt. Aber leider hat sich Peter Green diese Fähigkeiten durch zu viele Drogen ein für allemal ausgetrieben.
      Dass Danny Kirwan gestorben ist, empfinde ich als sehr traurige Nachricht. :rip:

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      Gestern standen wohl Bernie, Paicey, Don Airey und Neil Murray gemeinsam für einen Charity Gig auf der Bühne:

      Da haben Don und Doris sich wohl wieder für eins ihrer sozialen Projekte eingesetzt, was sie regelmäßig machen.

      ​July 13th 2013 - Project Support Donation

      Thanks to the generosity of Don and Doris Airey the Society has just received a donation of £250 from their Blues and Soul charity fund. This is to support our recently launched World War 1 Centenary project. See Current Projects page for further information about this project.

      Hier engagieren sie sich…ls/?regid=1162527&subid=0

      Bei dieser Gelegenheit bin ich über ein kurzes Interview mit Dons Frau gestolpert.

      An exclusive interview with Deep Purple’s
      Don Airey’s wife

      Written by Jack and Ben
      Comberton Features

      An exclusive interview with Doris Airey, the wife of famous Don Airey: the
      former musician with Deep Purple and Ozzy Osborne.

      Deep Purple last performed live in 2013 and Don has been playing keyboard with
      them since he joined in 2002.

      His wife, Doris Airey, was kind enough to answer a few questions about life being
      married to a famous rock star.

      Doris’ side of the family came from Rhodesia and she met Don at a nightclub when
      she came over for a year as a research nurse. She “never went back home.”

      When she met Don he was already into music. He started out as a classical
      musician, until he broke his arm, which forced him to change his genre of music to
      rock. However, you will still find him playing classical when he can.

      When our interviewer asked Doris: “What career would you have liked Don to have?”
      She replied: “I can’t imagine Don being anything other than a musician. There were
      times, especially when the children were small, when a 9am to 5pm job would have
      been nice because I was parenting on my own and none of my family were over

      Don’s inflated ego didn’t effect Doris in pursuing her own career, because she was
      determined to be different from a typical famous musician’s wife, who was showered
      in money and gifts. There were times when her career provided extra stability
      because she didn’t want to live a “fantasy lifestyle.”

      Doris’ predominant job was working at Bourn Hall in Cambridgeshire. She said that
      working there was very rewarding, “200%”. She enjoyed the job to a great extent,
      although there was some sadness within it - IVF success rates are not high and to
      see the disappointment in people’s eyes really hurt her. However, she did say that “it
      was wonderful to bring such joy and to see such wanted and precious children come
      into the world.”
      keep the freak flag flying!
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