Steve Morse Interviews

      Steve Morse Interviews

      Interview with Steve Morse (Dixie Dregs, Deep Purple and Flying Colors)

      Sonic Perspectives was delighted to chat with legendary guitarist Steve Morse last week,
      who is currently touring with the early line-up of the Dixie Dregs for the first time in 40 years.
      After having sealed his destiny as a guitar hero with the Dregs in the 70’s
      and winning Guitar Player’s Best Overall Guitarist Award
      five years in a row in the 80’s (the maximum number of years one can win the award),
      Steve went on to form the Steve Morse Band,
      record and tour with Kansas and ultimately become the lead guitarist for Deep Purple.

      Let's Rock Chats With Steve Morse

      Legendary guitarist Steve Morse
      (Dregs, Deep Purple, Kansas, Flying Colors, Angelfire etc.)
      was kind enough to answer a few questions.
      In this interview he talks about the current
      Deep Purple/Judas Priest tour,
      his first jam with DP, learning a new technique to playing the guitar.

      KZSC radio interview: Steve Morse

      Formed in the early 70's, the Dixie Dregs bent the genre boundaries
      of rock, jazz, country and classical.Fusing unique instrumentals,
      the Dixie Dregs challenged the listener to expand beyond the industry standard
      typically fed to the masses as pop music.
      This uniqueness became the demise of their marketability.
      However, forty one years later—as the original members of the Dregs
      have reunited for their Dawn of the Dregs tour—the massive response
      and fan support is proving that notion to be obsolete Carol from KZSC's
      Test of Time spoke with Steve Morse,
      guitarist and founding member of the Dixie Dregs
      about his early influences, work ethics and the band's reunion tour.
      Steve also talks about his career with Deep Purple,
      sharing his first experience as the band's guitarist and how
      Deep Purple and its music has retained his attention for 24 years.

      Dixie Dregs
      Steve Morse and Allen Sloan interview, July 9,1977

      On July 9, 1977, reporter Jon Caroulis conducted an interview
      with Steve Morse and Allen Sloan of the Dixie Dregs
      for the Temple News newspaper in Philadelphia PA.
      This was the day that the Dixie Dregs opened up for John Mayall
      at a free concert at Penn's Landing.
      This may very well be the earliest recorded interview
      with any Dixie Dregs members in existence.
      Apart from a nice conversation with energy
      and a positive outlook coming from both Steve and Allen,
      you can also hear them play guitar and violin during the interview.
      Audio and info courtesy of Mark Oppenlander.

      Rig Rundown - Deep Purple's Steve Morse

      Tessa Jeffers chatted with the man of many bands,
      Deep Purple guitarist Steve Morse,
      just before the band performed at Nashville’s legendary Ryman Auditorium.
      Morse sticks with the signature gear he designed:
      Ernie Ball Music Man axes and Engl amps.
      Morse has a boat full of signature axes, but it all started with the Ernie Ball Music Man
      that he’s been playing since he designed it in 1986—this guitar remains
      his No. 1 favorite guitar of all time.
      Morse modeled it after a Frankenstein Telecaster that he made from both Fender and Gibson
      parts early in his career.
      The Ernie Ball Music Man Steve Morse has a unique HSSH configuration
      with signature DiMarzio pickups and a complex switching system.

      Steve Morse and Sterling Ball: The Mutual Admiration Society

      Published on Jan 9, 2018

      The Mutual Admiration Society,
      a new album from Sterling Ball, John Ferraro and Jim Cox featuring guitar greats
      Steve Vai, John Petrucci, Steve Morse, Albert Lee, Steve Lukather and Jay Graydon.
      In this clip, Sterling sits down with Steve Morse to discuss their musical pasts,
      long-time friendship, and the road that led to the Mutual Admiration Society album coming to fruition.

      Featuring 13 classic tracks reimagined by some of the world's greatest guitarists
      including "Sugar Shack" featuring Steve Vai, "Baby Please Don't Go"
      featuring Steve Lukather, "The In Crowd" with Steve Morse
      and a one-of-a-kind Disney Medley performance featuring John Petrucci.
      The Mutual Admiration Society is available January 19th on Favored Nations and Mascot Records.

      Steve Morse Interview (Guitar Tricks)

      Published on May 17, 2010

      From the Southern California we caught up with Steve Morse just before his show.
      Steve has been called the "hardest working guitarist in the world".
      From Dixie Dregs, Kansas and Deep Purple and a long list of collaborations,
      Steve never fails to innovate, create and amaze.
      For such a talented guitarist,
      he's a very humble guy with some enlightening views of the world.